Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th

Where have the days gone?  I am easily distracted by the day to day tasks, that I lose track of days...
Randy recently was someones sponsor for moving over here.  Which caused me to look back on the last 10 months.  I remember constantly feeling stressed out and crazy!  I was so worn out trying to figure out every single buying groceries, trying to remember the way back home without my GPS, trying to figure out my appliances, all the paperwork, recycling, driving on such narrow streets, finding new doctors/dentists, and the list goes on.
I can't say that all those things are better.  But I can say that I feel much more confident, and things are starting to feel a little easier.  Its been a hard adjustment for all of us, but we are slowly making it!

We have had some amazing experiences so far.  We have seen things I never thought I would see!  Germany is so BEAUTIFUL!! I don't know if  I will ever get tired of seeing the fields of yellow flowers.  It's breathe taking!!  So far, my favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.
Our girls have been amazing little travelers!  Whenever we tell them that we are going to go somewhere, they almost always come along without a fight.  There are times when we have to drag them along, but not too often.  We have seen so many beautiful castles and historical sites....never in my wildest dreams, thought I would live in another country!!

My Mom, Dad, and sister Michele,  came for a visit this month.  They all stayed for different amounts of time.  But its been so great to have them here!  My Mom is actually still here...she leaves on Friday morning.  She has helped me so much around the house.  I am actually caught up on laundry, which is a miracle!  We love having family around!  We sure miss being with our family and friends!!

Just a couple weeks ago, Ellie realized that she was never going to be in Miss Janna's class again.  It totally broke my heart!  It really stinks when you can't make things better.  I've been trying to get Ellie into a Preschool, since we got here.  Either they are all full or they are so expensive.  So we've been working on things at home.  I randomly got a phone call last week, saying that Ellie was the next on the list for a preschool on Base.  Even though there is only a month left in school, I decided to send her anyway.  I just really felt like she could use this...
At first, Ellie didn't want to go.  But after her first day with Mrs. Schary, she loved it!  Its made such a difference in Ellie!  There's no way I could afford this preschool all year, but for a month I totally can.

Since November I have been working in the Cub Scouts as the Wolf's Den Leader.  It has been such a challenging calling.  Here they do everything on Thursday nights (Youth Night), so the church is a mad house.  Both Randy and I have Thursday night callings, so we have to bring all the kids. That's been the hardest part!  I tried so hard not to grumble every week, but it always seemed to happen.  But as of 2 weeks ago, I was called as the 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency.  I'm a little nervous about the calling, but excited as well.  I've never been in a Primary Presidency, so I'm excited!

I could probably write for hours, but I am being beckoned by Harper who is awake and ready to eat.

Being a Mom is a lot harder than I ever imagined!  But I can honestly say I love it...most of the time!!  My girls are awesome...They put up with me as their mom.

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